5 simple and only marginally insulting ways to know if you need to re-brand

5 simple and only marginally insulting ways to know if you need to re-brand

You have a website. Good for you! Perhaps you have even looked at it in the past year.

But when was the last time it actually got you a client?

When was the last time you looked at your logo and went, “Holy fuck I am in LOVE with that.”

When was the last time you read your copy and thought, “I would SO totally buy my thing?”

Not so recently?

Yeah… I hear that a lot.

I also hear things like, “It’s not like it’s bad, right?!” And, “I’ll do it later. I wanna at least get X [number of years] out of it to make my last investment in it worthwhile.” And, “Having something up is better than nothing.”

To which I say… No. You’re wrong. And here’s why:

1. Cost is not the issue. If you think it is, you’re not looking at the whole picture, and you are costing yourself MORE money by ignoring this fact.

A brand is only as strong as the commitment of the person behind it to support their vision. Something is not better than nothing when that something says all the wrong things. Reinvention will ALWAYS be a necessity. If you had a brick and mortar store, you would be paying through the nose for rent. So, spending a few grand every couple of years on a full-on brand design to house your vision is really not that much. Stop complaining about how expensive it all is. You entire livelihood depends on it.

Think of it this way: If you are a freelancer and you make $60k per year working from home. Your overhead really only includes internet access and some technology. You probably take home roughly 50-60% of that after taxes and expenses. If, however, you had a brick and mortar business, you would need to make roughly double that to take home the same amount of money – because your costs are so much higher. Now, doesn’t your business deserve the prettiest dress at the prom? You can afford it.

2. If no one ever says, “I love your website,” you are settling for mediocrity.

They should say that. All. The. Time. They should be delighted to interact with you there. They should want to click on all the things. They should ask you who designed it. And they should be super jealous.

It is not about bells and whistles. It’s about offering what your people need. Don’t know what that is? Duh. That’s why we’re here.

3. If the wrong people keep walking through the door, it’s time to get a new door.

At first blush, your brand is your front door. Your curb appeal. It’s the playful way the wind-chimes twinkle in the breeze and reflect the light on the Mahogany door you had custom made in Italy.

It’s the difference between people standing up straight and adjusting their clothes after they ring the bell, or leaving you a paper bag full of flaming poo before hopping the neighbors’ fence in a hasty escape.

Does your front door command respect? Or is it the one on the block that everyone around you tries to ignore?

4. If YOU are confused about what you do and who you serve, so are they. And it shows.

If this is you, then DO NOT, under any circumstances, go spend a fortune on a new website, unless the designer you hire is also a business expert or you will wind up with a fancier, wrong-er version of what you already have. Not only will you fail to articulate your vision to your designer, you will also drive them crazy in the process and will wind up with something both of you hate. And that will be your fault, not theirs.

5. Has it been more than three years since you got a new website?

It’s time. Suck it up and spend the dough. I guarantee that design, technology, trends, and tastes have changed. You are not someone who languishes in the middle of the mediocre, right?!? Leaders lead. From the front. That means you have to grab the new.

Grab.The. New.

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