99 Tweetable ways to not be terrified all the time and crack the secrets of the universe

99 Tweetable ways to not be terrified all the time and crack the secrets of the universe

1. Put one foot in front of the other, even when you don’t want to. [Tweet]

2. Remind yourself that today is not the day that crushes your spirit. [Tweet]

3. All you have to do is get through the next 23 hours and 59 minutes and you get a do-over. [Tweet]

4. Don’t forget your triumphs. [Tweet]

5. Play. ESPECIALLY when everything is at it’s most dire. [Tweet]

6. Remember that you don’t live in the Congo. Or Darfur. Or Afghanistan. There are no bombs. And no rapey rebels. [Tweet]

7. The world will not end if your business cards aren’t perfect. [Tweet]

8. You have MANY chances to make a first impression. Maybe just not with the same person. [Tweet]

9. Remember that time you totally fucked up and no one forgave you? Yeah. Neither do I. [Tweet]

10. People went to the moon. THE MOON. PEOPLE. Whatever you’re scared of – it’s not like you’re going to the moon. [Tweet]

11. There is always more money. [Tweet]

12. There is always more money. [Tweet]


14. Read 11-13 again. [Tweet]

15. No one ever thinks they have enough of anything. And almost everyone is wrong. [Tweet]

16. Everything unfolds at exactly the moment it’s supposed to. And not a single moment sooner. [Tweet]

17. Right now, you are reading this on a magical device that shows you the entire world. The ENTIRE WORLD. The answer is there. Go find it. [Tweet]

18. Get in a fight. [Tweet]

19. Stop doing the shit that you know is obnoxious. [Tweet]

20. Listen more. [Tweet]

21. Support someone else, and refuse to accept payment. [Tweet]

22. Wear more leather. [Tweet]

23. Buy something pointy. [Tweet]

24. Do it anyway. [Tweet]

25. Fight the urge to make your next excuse. [Tweet]

26. Ignore anything at all that puts you into a category – because it will make you question every move you make. [Tweet]

27. Do something – anything – that you have always sworn you were bad at. [Tweet]

28. Wear cowboy boots and/or hats to inappropriate places. [Tweet]

29. Yell. Whenever you can. [Tweet]

30. Love a living thing that depends only on you. And yes, a fish is totally acceptable. [Tweet]

31. Take inventory regularly. [Tweet]

32. Find a way to be grateful for your disabilities and/or shortcomings. [Tweet]

33. Tell people what you need. [Tweet]

34. Let relationships that don’t make you happy shrivel up and die. [Tweet]

35. Get out of the way of the oncoming bus. [Tweet]

36. Be as judgmental as you want. We all are anyway. Own it. [Tweet]

37. Say fuck more. [Tweet]

38. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. [Tweet]

40. Realize that it is totally ok to not feel the same way as other people. [Tweet]

41. Never get good at the things you hate doing. [Tweet]

42. Love first, most, always. [Tweet]

43. Assume you’re going to win. Always. [Tweet]

44. Buy things of the highest possible quality and you won’t worry that they might fail when you need them most. [Tweet]

45. Stop acting like being an introvert or an extrovert explains everything wrong with your life. It doesn’t. [Tweet]

46. Tell someone your deepest secret. Shine a light on it and let it go. [Tweet]

47. Banish the idea of security from your life. Like completely. It’s about as real as time travel and Pam Anderson’s boobs. [Tweet]

48. Know that you will never, ever be safe. Be ok with that. [Tweet]

49. Pretend you’re Brad Pitt. What would Brad Pitt do in this situation? [Tweet]

50. Be patient. [Tweet]

51. Be patient. [Tweet]

52. Be patient. [Tweet]

53. Keep being patient. [Tweet]

54. Sit down for five minutes with nothing to do and no electronic devices or books or magazines. Just sit with yourself. [Tweet]

55. Now spend the next week trying to figure out why you only lasted 30 seconds. 

56. Anticipate the needs of others before your own. Then do what serves you BOTH. [Tweet]

57. Don’t let ‘good enough’ be good enough. [Tweet]

58. If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything. [Tweet]

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59. Remember that when the zombies attack, no one will care how many Twitter followers you have. [Tweet]

60. Do you even know why you are obsessed with the things you’re obsessed with? [Tweet]

61. If you find yourself copying someone else, remove them from your life/business equation. [Tweet]

62. Eat delicious food. [Tweet]

63. Drink excellent booze. [Tweet]

64. Buy expensive coffee. [Tweet]

65. Prioritize cuddling – with whomever might be available. [Tweet]

66. Cry when you need to cry. Then stop and move forward. [Tweet]

67. Fight for what you believe in, AND know when and how to compromise. [Tweet]

68. Bask in the glow of successful moments, no matter how small. [Tweet]

69. Do something dirty [you’re thinking it anyway]. [Tweet]

70. Lie less. [Tweet]

71. Spend an entire day doing something that doesn’t further your business. [Tweet]

72. Turn off unsubscribe notifications [for those of you with mailing lists]. Trust me. You’ll enjoy life more. [Tweet]

73. Let bonkers people be bonkers and just stay out of their way. [Tweet]

74. Take every single compliment and believe it to be true. [Tweet]

75. Join things. But not too many things. [Tweet]

76. Remind yourself often that everyone you idolize thinks their shit smells terrible too. [Tweet]

77. Laugh at juvenile and inappropriate jokes. Maturity is WAY overrated. And Sponge Bob is funny. [Tweet]

78. Tell someone who makes you angry exactly how you feel, then walk away. [Tweet]

79. Decide to not be a victim. Ever. [Tweet]

80. If people walk away from you, wish them well. [Tweet]

81. Respect the boundaries of others and you’ll never worry that you’ve over-stepped. [Tweet]

82. When someone ignores you, there’s a reason. And it’s probably your fault. [Tweet]

83. Win graciously. Lose gracefully. [Tweet]

84. Ask for what you need. Don’t settle for less. From anyone. Whether they are your client, friend, partner, lover, employer, or parent. [Tweet]

85. Don’t assume that someone else is already doing anything. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. [Tweet]

86. Never worry that someone will steal your idea. Tell the world. No one will ever love it the way that you do. [Tweet]

87. Don’t give advice unless you’re asked for it. [Tweet]

88. Stop trying to understand why other people do what they do. [Tweet]

89. Leave a light on if the dark scares you. Whoever said adults have to not be creeped out by a dark empty house was probably a dick. [Tweet]

90. Operate under the basic assumption that it will all be fine. [Tweet]

91. Don’t ask for help until you actually KNOW you aren’t sure how to proceed. [Tweet]

92. Give yourself credit for being smart and capable. [Tweet]

93. Offending people is often a really good idea. Believe me on this one. And your mom’s a whore. [Tweet]

94. Give other people credit for being able to take a joke. [Tweet]

95. Forgive the people in your life for being selfish, until that becomes all they are, then let them go. [Tweet]

96. Remember that a cubicle is no place for a human. [Tweet]

97. Pursue strong, not skinny. [Tweet]

98. FYI, $7 Chocolate is always worth every single penny – in case you were afraid it wouldn’t be, so you never bought it. Now you know. [Tweet]

99. Fear can be your friend. But friends don’t eat all your food, shit in your bed, and make you hate everything about yourself. If that’s where you are with fear, start back at #1. [Tweet]


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