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We are here to make sure you create and communicate your very best work.

We are digital communicators who sit firmly in the seat next to your clients.

We can assist with every single detail of what you offer and how you offer it, so that you present only the most vibrant, magnetic, cohesive and effective brand vision possible.

Your clients will think you hired a mind reader.

Let us show you how to put a visual voice to your vision so you can be your brightest, most brilliant, most revolutionary self.

We want to see you produce innovations that spread like a million-and-one butterflies flappin’ like mad.

Our vision is to see the world be chock-full of brilliant, beautiful, good-stuff-making people who chase down sustainable, quality lives.

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Or, get in touch via email and we will get back to you right away. Promise. — illana[at]makeness[dot]com

And yes. Illana reads every email and responds pretty darn fast.

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