brand evolution-blue3 Days. 3 Hardcore Sessions. Intensive rebranding for online business pros. Not for the faint of heart.

Brand Evolution is for the brave. The ready. The rarefied business owner who is tired of all the guesswork and who wants to blast off RIGHT GODDAMN NOW.

Here’s the deal:

You’ve got a sweet website. And you have a pretty solid idea of what you do and who you serve, but something isn’t connecting. When you started the plan was to change the world and be all-awesome, all-the-damn-time. But now, the awesome is feeling not-so awesome. Your rallying cries are hitting the ground with a thud and a whimper instead of the standing ovations and pumping fists you so richly deserve. You look around and see other people building armies of loyal fans, and you just can’t figure out what they’re doing that you’re not doing.

That’s where I come in.

Brand Evolution is designed to:

1. Pull out your most unique, most marketable, and most resonant business facets.

2. Turn those facets into a brand story that is compelling, singular, and above all – sellable.

3. Take your current story, copy, and design and bring them all into alignment so the whole wide world can’t help but notice you and your army of Evolutionaries.

This is the three days that will change everything.

In session 1: Together, we dig in to your brand story. We nail it down and make it sing. You will be clear as crystal about who you serve, who you don’t, and the precise creative flavor that you will sprinkle on everything from that point on.

In session 2: We take your boring blah copy and make it sexier than a berry pie wearing a bikini. We take you brand story from session 1 and create a language all your own.

In session 3: We break down your site design. We talk about color, images, typography, the works. Together, we create a rule book for how you and your big beautiful brand communicate visually.

Our sessions are designed to help you create cohesive, beautifully branded offerings that are unmistakably you. When you come out the other side, you will also leave my loving arms with a crystal clear picture of how to tell your story, connect with your people, and design your business for your next evolutionary leap.

Why me?

I bring decades of design savvy, branding badassery, and proven online business intelligence to do more than just add pretty words.

I bring an MBA, proven tech and design wizardry, the bitchin’ cred of being the maven behind Makeness, and metric crap-ton of research and learning about buying psychology and consumer behavior. I give a clear voice to what your customers want and need to hear and see.

I don’t just help you communicate, I help you connect.

Connection = Conversion.

Conversion = More money in your pockets.

leahMy business has been growing like crazy and I have just taken it day by day, riding the roller coaster that is being self-employed.

I hit this point where it was clear I couldn’t sustain my business in this way. I needed to start being strategic, figure out who my audience really is and who I wanted to be for them, and figure out the big picture next moves I should be focusing on. Luckily I found Illana.

After one session, my mind was blown. After the second, HUGE breakthroughs of things I just couldn’t see before having her incredible smart brain dig in to mine. After the third session, all I could say was “Can you please come live with me in France? I’ll sleep on the couch, you can have the bed”.

Illana has this amazing way of seeing what I don’t see, getting me clear on my talents, my audience, my messaging, and of course, makes me laugh along the way. Not to mention all the genius ideas for services/products/freebies and more I could be selling. 

Stop trying to figure everything out on your own. Or worse, ignoring what you should be figuring out.

Hire Makeness. Your business will thank you. Your audience and your significant other too.  

– Leah Kalamakis,

Here’s the nitty gritty:

  • You book all three sessions together. They happen on sequential days or with a week in between each session. We decide this together based on your current business pace and availability.
  • Each session lasts a max of two hours.
  • At least a week before your session, you will complete your Brand Dossier, so we have a mutual understanding of your starting point.
  • Each session will be recorded.

By the end of your sessions you’ll know:

You Brand Commandments…

:: Who you are, what you do, who you do it for and why.

:: The list of no-no’s. The shadow temptations that you will be most susceptible to, and what to watch out for as you move forward.

Your Content Commandments…

:: Your Brand’s glossary. The new language of YOU.

:: Content ideas. Yeah, I’m even gonna give you a handful of blog titles to work with to get your new story flowing.

:: Product ideas. Complete with explanations of why YOUR people are uniquely suited for certain types of content.

Your Design Commandments…

:: Color and typography ideas.

:: Images and visual cues that will most clearly and effectively represent your brand.

:: Visual social media strategy ideas. Not every brand is made for kitty photos – your design commandments will help you know what to post to your professional pages and what to hold back for your personal ones.

greenchairstudio-megW-portrait-005-web1-200x300I can’t overstate the profound relief it was to find Makeness.

Illana helped me to nail down my message and brand so I could feel more equipped to handle the transitions in my business.

Illana was like a mind reader in her ability to take my thoughts and produce results that were precisely what I wanted only better than I could have ever imagined.

– Meg Worden,

Brand Evolution is perfect for you if:

  • You have copy written already, but it’s just sitting there – like a bump on a pickle. Not making you money. Not reflecting your brand. Not telling your story, and not reading the minds of your people.
  • You are ready to level-up. You know who you need to talk to, you just need a better voice. 
  • You like to shake up the norms. We specialize in rebel brands. The ones that like to shake the foundations – push the boundaries – question the rules. Our style is not quiet. We say what needs to be said, and we do it loud.
  • You are ready to hear that there may be stuff wrong with your brand. I call it like I see it. If you just want someone to tell you all the things you’re doing right, this is not that.
  • You are looking for a cohesive way to connect one offer to another. The Brand Evolution is all about connecting the dots so that your business’ offers all feel like they are coming from one clearly articulated source.

So, if you are ready to turn your business up to eleven, let’s do this.

How much does it cost?


Single Payment – GET IT

Can I split that up?

Yup. 3 monthly payments of $600. – GET IT

Or, 2 monthly payments of $900. – GET IT

Here’s what happens when you click one of the GET IT links:

1. You’ll pay via paypal.

2. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from me with instructions on how to schedule your sessions and complete your Brand Dossier. 

3. Try to contain your excitement.

Complicated, huh?

Not quite ready just yet, but dying to talk to me about whether this is the right thing for you? Send me an email. Let’s chat: illana[at]makeness[dot]com

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