The Bravery Blogging Project

Yesterday, while roughly halfway through my first cup of coffee of the day, I had a thought:

I need to start sharing my deepest ideas in a more intentional way.

So I started thinking about how to do that, and it occurred to me that many of us in the blogging realm fall into a rut of ‘shoulds’. We write content we think people will read and we forget about depth. We let fear of unsubscribes or negative reactions, or that our ideas aren’t good enough stop us from sharing our best stuff. Instead, we write list posts. And link bait. And things we think you might like. Which is fine… but I know I can do better and my suspicion was that others would feel the same.

So before I had even taken that last sip of coffee, I was posting the following to The Makeness Insiders:

I want to challenge myself [and you] to get your IDEAS out. As bloggers, we so often get hung up on writing topically. Writing list posts. Writing posts we think people might like and share. Which is all well and good, but it also [generally speaking] doesn’t serve any greater vision in any real way, other than possibly getting a few more subscribers. So here’s what I’m thinking. I want to challenge myself and a few partners to post an original IDEA once per week on your blog for a minimum of eight weeks. That means something that came from your noggin:

– A unique perspective on the world you occupy. 
– A story from your life.
– A lesson you aren’t seeing others teach.

Real, original, difficult content.

There is no big sell here. No lead-up to launch. No agenda. I just know that my best stuff happens with my clients. They hear my best ideas, and it’s time for me to put that out to the world in a more deliberate way. MY bigger intention here is to put out a collection of ideas that might be able to be re-worked into a book. That doesn’t have to be your intention. Just stating mine.

If you want to participate, all you need to do is say so here [in the thread] and state your intention. We’ll start next week. I will put up a thread each Friday for six weeks where we share what we’ve published.

Who’s in?

And a lot of people were. Most of them, in fact.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Starting the week of September 7th, 2015, participants will write based on the challenge above for a total of eight weeks.
  • Participants are welcome to drop in or out as they like.
  • We are not selling, launching, or promoting anything [other than each other]. This is not a pre-launch or a teaser. This is an honest challenge to do better work. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Each Monday, I will update a list that will be posted on this page that will link you to all of the posts of participants. [Scroll down to view posts.]

If you would like to be a part of the Bravery Blogging Project, you can jump in any time. You just need to subscribe and join The Insiders so you can post a link to your work there.

To promote or find others’ work elsewhere, please use the hashtag: #braveblogging

Look for [and use] these badges:

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2015 Participant Listings:

WEEK 8 2015 #braveblogging participants:

Dear Inspirational Internet by Abigail Rose Clarke

Shut Up! It’s Your FOMO Talking (how to stop verbal diarrhea in your marketing) by Ling Wong

Are You an Addict? by Lanie Gabbard

Why You Need A Spirit Guide by Lore Earley

The Past is Dead: Walking out of Shame by Thea van Diepen

Minecraft by David Crandall

To All of You Who Have Ever Felt Responsible for How Anyone Else Feels (which is probably just about everybody on this planet) by Christine Meyer

The First Commandment of Writing by Rachel Allen

“I don’t have time to write!”: the Tough Love Answer and the Soul-Level Response by Marisa Goudy

Easy Listening woo-woo is drowning us all by Delisa Carnegie

Is everything under your control? You’re doing it wrong. by Audrey Holst


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WEEK 7 2015 #braveblogging participants:

Joy is a Choice by Kristen Kalp

The Universe Isn’t Speaking To You by Abigail Rose Clarke

Why Stephanie Meyer is a Truly Great Writer by Thea van Diepen

Blogging is More Fun When You Get a Little Bit of It on You by Melanie Kissell

Hey “Marketing Guru”… I am Calling B.S. on You (On fake vulnerability and giving a crap) by Ling Wong

The Mental Flip-Off Situation by Lanie Gabbard

The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself About Your Writing by Rachel Allen

Honoring Loss by Arianna Taboada

When grit and enlightenment aren’t enough by Jo Tucker

On being in the Process by Nela Dunato

Can you be vulnerable and write “I don’t know” on your business blog? by Marisa Glaser Goudy

Stop sounding like everybody else by Nicole Baute

Are You Caring What Other People Think of You? by Christine Meyer

When Pretending Seems Easier Than Dealing by Lore Earley

I’m not a writer, I just play one on TV by Delisa Carnegie

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WEEK 6 2015 #braveblogging participants:

The #1 way to quintuple your income in the next twenty minutes while you sleep by Wendy White

How to Write a Vulnerable Blog Post without Coming Across as an Attention-Seeking Jerk by Rachel Allen

The Small Potato’s Guide to Claiming Thought Leadership in the Marketplace by Ling Wong

Becoming Whole: A Christian’s Perspective on Identity by Thea van Diepen

Playing Your Position in the Game of Life – Part Deux. by Christine Meyer

Entrepreneur: Sexy Cowboy or Patient Farmer? by Corri Lobbezoo

Entrepreneuring is Bloody Difficult by Corri Lobbezoo

Stupid Stories That Become Your Truth by Lore Earley

Stand Still. Abigail Rose Clarke

Are You Playing Small Because You Are Big? by Megan Tsui 

Writing Fiction Keeps Me by Delisa Carnegie

You Can’t Make a Living from Disjointed Thoughts and Sloppy Grammar by Melanie Kissell

Resilience Requires More than Yoga and Green Juice by Molly Morrissey

The Harsh Realities of Starting a Business by Tami Enfield

I’m Sick of the Word “Shaming” by Margit Crane Luria

the arts :: a helpful guide of obviousness to get you through any situation by Lanie Gabbard

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WEEK 5 2015 #braveblogging participants:

If I waited until I felt like it, I wouldn’t have a business by illana burk

Is your business coach a sociopath? by Makenna Johnston

Tired of Feeling Creative Envy? Read This. by Hannah Braime

How to sit with discomfort….aka, not send the 2 am text by Abigail Rose Clarke

I confess I see more than ghosts by Delisa Carnegie

Self-professed Brain Pickers Aren’t Looking to Cut Checks by Melanie Kissell

ADHD with Anxiety: Detecting Your Child’s Security Blanket by Margit Crane Luria

3 Niche Misconceptions that are Hurting Your Business… and how to reframe them by Ling Wong

Why We Started the UnleaSHEd Business Club by Megan Tsui

Moving Past the Guilt by Lore Earley

Playing Your Position in the Game of Life by Christine Meyer

Aish of a Grey Lion: A Storm-Dance Short Story (part 2 of 2) by Thea van Diepen

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WEEK 4 2015 #braveblogging participants:

Smoke and Mirrors: The Yellow Brick Road to six figures and fame by illana burk

Make Shitty Work byAbigail Rose Clarke

Learning to price with love and a lot less BS by Delisa Carnegie

How to Escape the Shame of Subpar Work by Thea van Diepen

I am Not a Rebel, Radical, or Revolutionary — Just Your Garden Variety Rule Breaker by Melanie Kissell

Is your business coach full of shit? by Rebecca Tracey

Releasing Things That No Longer Serve You by Lore Earley

I Hate Turnips and Why It’s OK Not to Like Something by Christine Meyer


WEEK 3 2015 #braveblogging participants:

The ballad of the unhappy customer -or- Why the customer is not always right by illana burk

Avoiding International Incidents and Other Noble Travel Goals – Part 2 (of 3) by Erika Lafrennie

The Message We All Need to Hear by LaVonne Ellis

I Made a Mistake… and Now My Book Comes from the Future by Thea van Diepen

The Fundamental Danger of Good Intentions by Rachel Allen

Everything is broken & I drop the f-bomb a billionty times by Delisa Carnegie

When It Seems Like All You Do Is Cry by Lore Earle

Communication with Words by Amy Rootvik

Never Mind the Bucket List. Make a F*ck It List. by Christine Meyer

Do you believe in magic? I do. by Stephanie Dyke

What Mindfulness Isn’t. byAbigail Rose Clarke

Screw Marketing. Connect instead by Kellie Adkins

The Beauty of Loss and Rebirth. by HeatherAsh Amara

Let’s Talk About Your For-Now Job by Heather Day

I started my business when I was on food assistance and I want everyone to know about it by Kacie Erickson


WEEK 2 2015 #braveblogging participants:

No one is reading a word that you write. And what to do about it. by Miki DeVivo

6 Signs your brand is a disaster – and how to fix it by illana Burk

Put the Merit Badges Down by Rachel Allen

Radical self-acceptance is good for business by Abigail Rose Clarke

This is what lonely feels like by Stephanie Dyke

Find your passion or your purpose in 5 easy steps makes me want to throat punch someone by Delisa Carnegie

Avoiding International Incidents and Other Noble Travel Goals – Part 1 (of 3) by Erika Lafrennie

Nix the shame from the ‘Money Shame’ thing and it becomes… money! by Heather Day

It’s time to break all the rules by Val Geisler

Abundance Issues? Heal Your Money Wounds by Kellie Adkins

The loneliest person on earth (and other reasons I cried in Hawaii) by Kristen Kalp

Are You Standing in the Way of Your Highest Potential? by Christine Meyer

Insurmountable by Carole Marie Downing

Aish of a Grey Lion: A Storm-Dance Short Story (part 1 of 2) by Thea van Diepen

What a first trimester from hell can teach you about postpartum support by Arianna Taboada

WEEK 1 2015 #braveblogging participants:

How I took three months off and tripled my business at the same time by Illana Burk

Flying The Nest by Sharon Agates

A business is like a love affair. And love affairs aren’t always easy by Abigail Rose

We All Have Our Crosses to Bear by Rachel Allen

About Control by Christine Meyer

I’m counting this as brave blogging, dammit. by Kristen Kalp


Bravery Blogging 2014 Archives:

WEEK 8 #braveblogging participants:

The 10 Unbreakable Laws of Entrepreneurship by Illana Burk

Beauty in the Blooming … AKA … How I Spent My Summer Solstice by Janelle Hardy

My Most Personal Post by Mary Schiller

Let it go: When everything in your business is changing by Rachel C Vane

Oh Jealousy. by Abigail Rose Clarke

When Peeing on the Pavement is Not in the Plan by Christine Meyer

I never wanted to have Children but… by Giselle Hudson

Spreading your Wings by Birdy Diamond

The Only Truth in the New Age Spiritual Revolution by Heather Day

Speaking Forbidden Things by Charlene Slimp

Small Dream Shame + Getting “Over It” by Tatiana Cristian

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WEEK 7 #braveblogging participants:

Change your story. Make more money. Be more happy. Repeat. by illana burk [moi]

How Abuse Set me up for a Life of Doing What I Didn’t Want to be Doing and How That’s Changing. by Helene Rose

We Need to Talk About Making 6 Figures in Your First Year. by Halley Razz Gray

What to do when everything is fine but nothing is ok. by Abigail Rose Clarke

Don’t fear the egg (or anything else for that matter) by Audrey Holst

How to give good HEADlines by Jamie Jensen

My Never-fail Writing Routine by Shannon Trindade

Effort Doesn’t Matter if Love is Left Behind by Heather Rees

 If You Let It by Miki DeVivo

Time to Get Real by Charlene Slimp

The Drama Queen Rap by Jessica Darling

On failure, Willy Wonka, and what every entrepreneur understands (that no one else does) by Wendy White

Sell Your Idea Before It’s Ready by Nela Dunato

Extending Grace to Others by Giselle Hudson

On Men by Janelle Hardy

From Awesome to Roarsome by Christine Meyer

On Mothering and being Mothered by Kerilyn Russo

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WEEK 6 #braveblogging participants:

The post in which I break you open and poke at your tender bits with the business-end of a pointy stick by Illana Burk [Moi.]

You Don’t Have To (But You Can If You Want To): An Invitation to Do Things Your Way by Erin Kurup

That didn’t work so well!?! I Just Told My Kid to F*ck Off by Christine Meyer

The World Doesn’t Owe Us Any Favors Abigail Rose Clarke

To All of You Wannabe Mystics by Jessica Darling

Who You Really Are by Charlene Slimp

Meet Me There by Miki DeVivo

When is too late? Three true tales of longing, triumph & despair by Wendy White

What Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother Will Teach You About Brand Design by Linsey Valeriote

Stop telling people to find/list their passions by Giselle Hudson

A Conversation with My Wee Self {inner child} by Helene Rose

Where hope lives when it seems like only questions by Heather Day

How Return Policies Can Help or Hurt Your Business by Nikole Gipps

This Christian Blogger’s Faith Reignited My Own by Tatiana Christian

 It’s time to stop shoving ourselves into too small boxes and crappy bras by Delisa Carnegie

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WEEK 5 #braveblogging participants:

God is in the details by illana burk

To hell with experts by Linsey Valeriote

Funny think about paychecks: they generally only come when you’ve completed something by Giselle Hudson

You don’t need permission, you just have to claim it by Delisa Carnegie

How to survive Canada’s new anti-spam law by Maria Lironi

Truth Be Told ~ Kelly a conversation with Miki DeVivo

On FOMO, Purpose, and Living with No Regrets by Erin Kurup

I’ve been wanting to tell you… by Tiffany Han

LIFE COACHES – don’t quit your day jobs! by Rebecca Tracey

Interview with Tricia Dycka by Charlene Slimp

Yes, We’re Overrun with Fear, Violence and Fuckery. Here’s How We Turn that Around. by Tea Silvestre

Avoid the Man in the Middle by Nikole Gipps

Why I’m not going to bed. Ever. by Audrey Holst

What You’re Judging is About You by Christine Meyer

Whose Thoughts Are You Thinking? by Tatiana Christian

I Wash my Hair Every Day: Why you Should take Advice with a Grain of Salt by Tazim Damji

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WEEK 4 #braveblogging participants:

Fierce honesty: The secret to long, lasting client relationships by Yours Truly [illana burk]

On Vulnerability and What It Has to Do With Your Career by Heather Rees

How to Use (and Abuse) Labels by Erin Kurup

“Why Aren’t My Facebook Ads Working?” How to Fix a Failed Campaign by Claire Pelletreau

A Love Letter to All of You by Christine Meyer

Truth Be Told ~ Maggie a conversation with Miki DeVivo

Shit happens before Shifts Happen by Kellie Adkins

WHO I AM won’t Leave me Alone by Giselle Hudson

I am haunted and following Inner Pulls by Delisa Carnegie

Starting a Business Is Like Jumping Out Of An Airplane by Tazim Damji

STOP. You Do NOT have “haters” by Tatiana Christian

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WEEK 3 #braveblogging participants:

The future belongs to those who diversify by Yours Truly [illana burk]

Truth Be Told, Episode One by Miki DeVivo

Life is More Fun When You Don’t Have to Worry about Money by Halley Razz Gray

Hi, I’m a Freelancer and I Don’t Have A Corporate Background by Tatiana Christian

I Want to Tell You a Secret by L’Erin Asantewaa

+ [bonus from L’Erin: I booboo’d her link last week, so here’s that one again too: The Way Forward is With a Broken Heart]

The Meaning of Failure by Nela Dunato

The Cost of 155 Subscribers in 24 Hours – How to Automate Your List Building by Claire Pelletreau

There are no Guarantees by Giselle Hudson

On Connection, Approval, and Why I’m Turning Off Comments by Erin Kurup

“the Why of your commitment” by Tiffany Han

The Universe Doesn’t Speak Squeak by Christine Meyer

Dear Moms! (An open letter from a non-mom.) by Kristen Kalp

Being afraid and doing it anyway by Michelle Urbick

The power of AND – Linsey Valeriote

Connect and Be Fed by Amy Rootvik

+ a bonus from the newest Insider [it was actually from last week, and Janelle doesn’t really need our help being brave, but her stuff rocks so hard that P!NK tweeted about her. And that seems worth celebrating, no?]: The no-bullshit, no-drama friendship manifesto by Janelle Hanchett

Wanna be on the list next week? Subscribe and join The Insiders for details.

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WEEK 2 #braveblogging participants:

A love letter to the broke and hopeless who feel like they can’t afford the business they are made for by Illana Burk

The Facets of Attention by Miki DeVivo

My Personal Battle With Comparisonitis (and How I’m Making Peace) by Tea Silvestre

Admitting I Don’t Know What To Do Is Hard by Heather Rees

Friday’s Confession: I don’t want to have it all by Tiffany Han

Are You Starving Your Ambitions? by Erin Kurup

It’s an experiment and a confession by Delisa Carnegie

The Story of the Almond Butter by Christine Meyer

Finally Learning That I Don’t Need Permission by Giselle Hudson

The Way Forward is With a Broken Heart by L’Erin Alta

There is no shortcut by Marie Poulin

The Care and Feeding of Websites by Nikole Gipps

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WEEK 1 #braveblogging participants:

[me first] Finding the courage to think big so you can think small by [duh, me] illana burk

For Granted by Miki DeVivo

My Surprising Spiritual Practice by Kristen Kalp

Seditious Much? Why Your Industry Needs You to Rock the Boat by Tea Silvestre

Stepping into the Sacredness of this Work by Delisa Carnegie 

My Death Anxiety and What You Can Learn From It by Giselle Hudson

On being a reluctant artist by Linsey Valeriote

Stop Lying to Yourself. Start Living Instead by Erin Kurup

Confession of a Story Junkie by Mike Richeson

Asking for help sucks. Do it anyways. by Michelle Nickolaisen

My world…According to me: How big is your brave? by Christine Meyer

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