ongoing coachingThe Deal:

Ongoing business coaching partnership designed to help new and established business owners move confidently towards profitable, sustainable livelihoods.

:: [2] 60ish Minute Recorded Sessions PER MONTH, ongoing

:: [4] Email Coaching Sessions PER MONTH

Sliding scale. $400 minimum per month, $600 suggested. 3 month minimum [because change takes time and commitment]. We will openly discuss the most appropriate price point for you and your business during your consultation. Anything you pay over the minimum goes directly to the Makeness Pay-It-Forward fund to support new entrepreneurs in their business pursuits.

Perfect for you if…

…you’re looking for an ongoing partner to bounce ideas off and get guidance from.

…you like a collaborative relationship with lots of accountability.

…you are working on a lot of different things at once and are finding all the details and decision-making difficult on your own.

Who books these?

  • Solopreneurs who are just getting started or who know they need a swift kick in the pants on a regular basis to do their best work.
  • Business owners who struggle to find someone to brainstorm with.
  • Those who find it hard to get out of their own way and who need someone to be a vision-keeper for/with them so that their business stays on-track and constantly moving forward.
  • Multi-passionates who are easily distracted by shiny objects.

Not for you if…

>>> You have a hard time playing well with others and your favorite phrase is, “Yeah, but…” We are all about collaborating here. Open minds only.

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p.s. Yes, you can turn this into weekly sessions. If that’s your bag, just ask.