What does the moment before THE moment feel like?

What does the moment before THE moment feel like?

Today’s post offers a new gift from Makeness. As I continue to explore interesting ways to communicate with you, it occurred to me that those ways shouldn’t feel like you’re being talked at. This got me thinking about what the qualifying indicators should be for a happy interactions [sales or otherwise].

Here’s what I came up with. Offers should:

  • Feel like a gift – an elegantly wrapped box full of things that make you reflect and appreciate the giver.
  • Feel like a question – something thought-provoking.
  • Value the time of the recipient.
  • Be beautiful – I’m just so tired of ugly crap, aren’t you? Let’s raise our standards people!

I’m sure this list could be much longer, but simplicity rules when it comes to making rules. Too many rules and you’re setting yourself of to forget a few and end up looking like a tool. No one wants that.

So here’s my snazzy little gift for you.

Steal it. Share it. Print it. Use it as a place mat. It’s all yours, baby. Enjoy. There will be more.

Click the image to open it full-size in a new tab. Resize at will:)



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