Get to the Good Stuff

Ever feel like the good ideas can just get totally buried under layers and layers of ideas that make you go, “Maaaaaybe THIS is finally THE big idea?”

Brainstorming sessions turn into scribbles and circles and arrows and highlights.

Late nights are spent listening to the wheels in your head go round and round.

Asking yourself a thousand questions that never really have satisfying answers.

But what if you have a solid tool set that allows you to easily evaluate new ideas to that you can cut through the maybes and the what ifs and just get to the really good ideas that are right for you AND for your business?

Yeah. We made that.

Erin_Kurup_RBH_square_photo“Unsure of what, exactly, to expect, I sat down at my desk and opened Get to the Good Stuff.

What I found was a ridiculously useful tool and a system I already know I’ll use again and again to gain clarity about issues both personal and professional.

Get to the Good Stuff is unlike any workbook I’ve encountered before.

It radiates Illana’s trademark blend of depth, humor, straight-shooting, and approachability. Its concise explanations and probing questions help you create a path to your own Good Stuff and a lens through which to evaluate future opportunities. And it has that unity of business and business owner that is so vital to small business owners, for whom the two are so often inseparable.Illana knows her stuff — and wants you to know yours, too.”

– Erin Kurup of


Get to the Good Stuff is not just another ebook. It’s the culmination of the work Illana has done with clients for a decade. It’s the center of the Tootsie Roll. It’s the bubble gum in the Blow Pop. It’s core of everything we do at Makeness Media, because it’s all about YOU.

What it’s NOT:

  • It will not teach you how to get more likes tweets, sales, or subscribes.
  • It will not solve all your business conundrums.
  • It will not tell you the secrets of blogging your way to riches.
  • And it will not do diddly squat for your sex appeal.

What it IS:

  • It’s a tool for making better decisions. The kind where you don’t second-guess yourself for ages afterward.
  • It will teach you how to think critically, test for TRUTH, and show you how to make sure that the decisions you make serve your biggest vision for yourself and your business.
  • It’s like a magic 8 ball, where all the answers are tailored to what you REALLY need and want.
  • It will help you mold your life and business into something that not only feels right for you, but fuels and enlivens the people around you – especially the ones that matter most.

We used to sell it. Now we give it away, because we want you to have it. It’s THAT important.

What you get:

  • 36 pages of info and workbooks [which you can fill out on-screen if you like, because who prints ebooks, anyway?], all in one file – so no need to try to keep track of a bunch of course emails.
  • 4 weeks of deep-diving content.
  • A tool you can use again and again. When you hit a wall, just go back through the steps to find new clarity.
  • The foundation for everything we do at Makeness Media. Every client gets this. It’s how we begin working together. It’s how we at MM help our clients understand where they are and what they want.

And you get it 100%, totally and completely free. You don’t even have to give us an email address. See, when we worked through the steps in THIS VERY WORKBOOK [yes, our crew uses this stuff nearly every day], we found that our deepest path was to facilitate the dreams and visions of others.

So, we just want you to have it. We want you to think better, feel calmer and more confident in your choices, and make decisions that light up the world around you.

We think that the world is a better place when people are good at thinking and work towards their best selves.

Why on earth would we want to charge for that?!? 

Ready? Good. To get it, choose one of the following options:

OPTION A: Sign up for The Weekly.  The Weekly is the spot where you’ll be the first to hear about our work here at Makeness Media. You get our occasionally-sent, but always stellar blog posts, plus the rarefied unicorn visit to your place of business. Consider this the Insider’s List. ONWARD.

OPTION B: Email us. Just ask and we’ll send it along. No subscribing. No email address. We won’t add you to any lists at all, and we won’t try to sell you anything. The very scariest thing that could happen is that we might also ask you how your day is. EMAIL US: GetToTheGoodStuff[at]makeness[dot]com


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