GYSS-redDon’t look now…

but your ambiguousness is showing.

You know, that muddled, unsure, confused fog of, “What-do-I-really-do?!?!” and, “How-do-I-sell-it?!?” and, “Who-do-I-sell-it-to!?!?!” that wakes you in a dead panic in the middle of the night?

That nasty nemesis of forward motion sure has her hooks in you, doesn’t she?

You talk and talk and talk and talk about your thing, but you can feel – down deep – that the words are just words. There’s no there there.

And you know that no one will buy your thing until they get it, feel it, see themselves in it, and love you.

But you just can’t figure out how to say it. You don’t know how to tell your story in a way that brings people in, makes them want to stay, and inspires them to buy.

Few things matter more in the world of your business than how you connect with your audience through the story you tell.

You can have the best products, the best customer service, the best price, and the best idea. But if you can’t express your value in every corner of every word of what you do, you can’t sell it.

When you [and your business] tell the right story – the one that connects deeply to the heads and hearts of your perfect people – you’re able to make magical-sorcery-alchemical-wizardry-heavens-part-planets-align-cool-shit happen.

Telling the right story makes them want you instead of somebody else.

But to do it well… to capture the lightning-in-a-bottle spark that makes people line up to work with you – that makes them stand on chairs and pump their fists in the air as they chant your name – you have to craft every word.

Every. Single. Word.

You have to choose and compose the singular language of your story.

This word instead of that word. Words building images. Images building meaning. Meaning building desire. Their desire. To be part of your solution, to share their time, energy, money, hope with you.

And ONLY you.

You have to know your story AND be able to tell it cohesively, consistently, and with enthusiasm, so that every new person who comes to your site, fresh with possibility and curious to know if you’re the person they’ve been searching for, can see themselves in the story you tell. They will either have an emotional experience that gives them that oh-my-god-holy-shit-I-SO-belong-here-she-so-gets-me feeling.

Or they won’t.

They will either buy in to the possibility of building their dreams with you.

Or they won’t.

So the story you tell matters. And it better be the right story, crafted consciously.

Or… you know what happens….

No one buys your thing.

No one stands on chairs.

No one says you’re awesome.

And no one sees you as the leader you were BORN to be. And you don’t get to do the thing you were born to do.

Because the most compelling brand stories are true, specific, clear, and sellable. They answer the questions that matter most to you and to your audience.

Why does your work matter?
How do you talk about that?
How do you stand out in your field?
How do you get people to buy?

Can YOU answer these questions – effortlessly? Or do you just stare at your feet and mumble a bunch of nonsense about passion and purpose and hope they can read between the lines?

Isn’t it time you get your story straight?

When you know your truest story in your bones and have the right words to tell it, you communicate with poise. Sell with ease. And express just what the fuck it is you do without stutter or hesitation.

When you have your story straight, you can easily articulate your…

  • big picture, through-line, what-matters-most strategy
  • specific, unique language to unlock the value in what you do best
  • possibility, pilot light, and pathway
  • high-level vision that calls you forth into your best work

It’s your Big Why, your so-what, your line in the sand, your leadership language.

If you want to do the work you were meant to do with people who will truly benefit from it, it’s time to Get Your Story Straight.

Makeness offers two ways to Get YOUR Story Straight: In-Depth Story Coaching and Collaborative Copywriting:

story coaching-redStory Coaching unfolds over four 90-minute sessions lead by Makeness’ Chief Story Maker, Miki DeVivo.

Session One — The World of Your Brand

Your Big Why and its value. Macro motivation for you AND your right person. Naming why this matters. What you’re doing when you’re doing your best work.

Session Two — Name and Claim Your Audience

Determine once-and-for-all who you should and shouldn’t work with. Nail down the conditions in which you do your most stellar work and the language that will call in only those who need and desire exactly THAT.

Session Three — Shape and Sequence Your Offers

Identify what your people know they need. Make what you really enjoy delivering. Pinpoint the moments where their needs and your leadership intersect. From opt-in to signature offering, craft a suite of products/services that meets their goals and lets you shine. Do your best work, and get paid.

Session Four — Craft Your Storyline

Weave it all together into a concise brand statement that clarifies the exact fit between your most powerful work and your most receptive audience. Hone in on the heart and soul of your value with your just right words. Your clear storyline is your touchstone and filter for all future brand language decisions.

Parrish-Wilson-About-PageBefore I started working with Miki my business had gotten a little off track.

I had been spending too much time listening to others and their thoughts on how I should run, position and market my business. Because of this I was feeling confused, distracted and frustrated. And then Miki walked into my life….

Our sessions brought me greater clarity than I have ever had.

I finally dug down to the real purpose behind my business, how I want to position myself in the market and the type of offerings that give my best work to my clients.

Every session we had I was totally blown away by the insights and tangible steps forward that I was making. In the month following our work I did a major overhaul in my business and it is now aligned with my talents, strengths and passion. As a result of course I am attracting more of the right clients and experiencing a lot more joy as a business owner.

– Parrish Wilson, Writer, Teacher, Content Strategist

If you want to do the work you were meant to do with people who will truly benefit from it, it’s time to Get Your Story Straight.

How much does it cost?


Single Payment – GET IT

Can I split that up?

Yup. 3 monthly payments of $600. – GET IT

Or, 2 monthly payments of $900. – GET IT

Here’s what happens when you click one of the GET IT links:

1. You’ll pay via paypal.

2. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from me with instructions on how to schedule your sessions and complete your Story Dossier. 

3. Try to contain your excitement.

Complicated, huh?


About Miki

Makeness-header-3I am a photographer, writer, and creativity coach for thoughtful and down-to-earth business owners who are inspired to love their chaos and live what matters.

If you’re working on making something meaningful but have gotten stuck and juuuust can’t quite find your way forward, I help you bring your ideas into focus. My favorite thing to do is climb into the chaos of All The Things, and help you craft a question that will help guide your way. If I do say so myself, I give really good feedback, acknowledging both the emotions in a situation, and exploring previously unseen possibilities.

As a former teacher and actor I am skilled at creating containers for your ideas so that they can come to life. I see how things are connected and can find the through line in seemingly disparate concepts.

My gift lies in bringing you into the present moment, helping you see what matters most to you, and linking that knowledge to how you express your true work in the world.


Collaob copy-red

Your business has important things it wants to say.

And most of the time, it speaks through your website.

About Pages. Home pages. Work with me. Is this you. Frequently Asked Questions.

But you need help finding just the right words to help get your message out in a way that’s clear, unique, and sellable.

You’ve tried a gajillion times and have a bajillion drafts, but the words just aren’t flowing on the page the way you hear them in your brain [and feel them in your heart].

Or maybe you have a really solid draft that you like an extra set of eyeballs on to make sure that your logic flows and that you’re communicating effectively [and without typos].

Or you might have an outline or an Evernote doc full of ideas and you need help turning those ideas into reality.

You know that if you had the right words to give voice to your business vision, you would be able to do more business, with more confidence. [And you might even be able to raise your rates].

Let Collaborative Copy from Makeness be your “silent” partner, crafting just the right words so your business voice speaks effectively – and with deep clarity – directly to your potential clients and customers.

Whether you need help with copyediting [you’ve got words that need crafting] or copywriting [you’ve got the ideas that are looking for the right words], our super-creative and highly-experienced copywriters help you craft EXACTLY the words you need to sell your story and your work with unmistakable focus and a truly singular voice.

Collaborative Copy Includes everything you need to create copy that not only sounds good, but that converts. Here’s what’s included:

:: Two 60-minute coaching sessions with Miki in which we develop your story, determine your copywriting needs, and pinpoint the right words to describe what you do, why you do it, and exactly who it’s for.

And a Complete Website Copy Suite That Includes:

:: Up to two long form pages (500-2000 words)

We specialize in a long-form narrative style copy that pulls your reader through the page and brings them on a journey from casual browser to happy customer. Long form pages are perfect for…

  • About/Is This You?
  • Services/Work With Me
  • FAQs

:: Up to Two Short Form Pages (up to 500 words)

Certain pages on your site need to be brief while conveying a targeted message. Short form pages are perfect for…

  • A short bio
  • Contact page
  • Home page blurb
  • One specific service description

:: Up to Three Two Brand Statements

Short statements (from a few words to a few sentences long) for use as calls to action, enticements, etc.

  • Headlines
  • Taglines
  • Calls to Action (buttons, email subscriptions, etc.)


[Additional Pages can be purchased at a discounted rate]

To set up a consult, email: Yes. She reads every email. And will get back to you within three business days.

[Note: Current and former Makeness coaching and design clients may be eligible for a discount on copy services. Contact illana for more details:]

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