How to be extremely talented and totally blow it anyway

How to be extremely talented and totally blow it anyway

Fucking stellar design?


Brilliant content?


Fab photos?


Premium WordPress theme?


SEO sexyness?

I’ve got meta tags for DAYS!

Subscribe box?

Wait… what now?


Does anyone else hear crickets?

Yup. This is what happened to me with a client the other day. She is brilliant. Like MAD brilliant. Style and smarts ooozing from like everywhere. This woman did her own design (which kicks ass) – she’s building a pretty solid number of page views, she’s even figured out advertising on another bigger blog. But somehow, in her months of meticulous prep and research, she just plum missed putting in a place for people to subscribe, and instead just left the default subscribe link that came with her theme – which she hadn’t really tested, nor did she really know what it did.

And guess what it did.

Yup. Nada.

So this got me thinking Рif this savvy businesswoman missed something that huge, what might I be missing? 

And that got me thinking about THIS:

How do you KNOW what your customers are experiencing?

How do you KNOW that the systems you set up work for them?

How do you know when you’re missing something?

Do you have someone you trust that points out the oncoming truck that resides firmly in your blind spot?

Better yet, how do you spot opportunities amid the noise of all the problems and fires and immediate shit you have to clear out of the way in just to make room for that thing that’s been on the back-burner for more time than you’d like to admit?

Do you have a system? Or, do you rely on the ¬†brilliant idea that you will remember the important stuff and that you are smart enough to see good stuff coming at you [‘cuz you’re not, by the way – in case the snark left some room for ambiguity]?

Being a business builder can get lonely. Losing perspective is all but assured.

Talent, potential, and/or experience are not indicators of your capacity for success, nor will they help you avoid an oncoming train or see your ship rolling in on the horizon.

[Read that last sentence again. It’s important.]

For that, you need one thing.

No, not money.

No, not education.

No, not [fill in with whatever the voice in your head is telling you that you’re lacking].

What you need is Patience.

Yes. Patience.

Patience with yourself to learn what you need to learn.

Patience through the process of building something.

Patience with the people around you who don’t understand what you’re doing.

Patience in the moments when you stop working, take a deep breath and look – really look – at what’s happening in your business, your life, your world.

Without patience, three things happen:

1. You rush IT. You take shortcuts to nail down success on unreasonable terms and forget about examining what’s right for you.

2. You take unnecessary risks based on rationalized logic. No, you don’t need a new _________ to have a successful business.

3. You burn out. Turns out, you can’t always do everything all at once.

When was the last time you saw a brilliant just-right-for-you opportunity emerge from the ether when you felt burned out, unsure, backed into a corner, and in a hurry?

More likely, those are the moments when that careening truck, driven by a texting teenager on their way home from a 12-hour Twilight marathon – cracked out on a Robert Pattinson-induced hormone rush, whose trajectory you failed to consider, blindsides you.

See, to have stable success, you need balance. You need to be able to look at what you’re doing from every angle [not just the one that you think will make you the most $$ fast], and you need to understand the importance of doing so.

All that takes a fuck-load of patience and daily reminders to make decisions that consider the many stakeholders that your business effects and the implications of missing even the smallest of details.

So, let’s talk about this more in the comments: How will you slow down and think about the small stuff today?



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