I would like to light a fire under your tooshie. Hold still.

I would like to light a fire under your tooshie. Hold still.

pipe guyGuess what?!?!

I am a business coach. Did you know that? Yeah, neither did anyone else. Here’s the thing, I have been working long term with a large network of great people at one company as a kind of coach-on-staff. I have been nursing them through new client relationships and the process of getting their business off the ground. This one client has gobbled up the vast majority of my time for the last several months. But, like all lovely kiddos, my wonderful group has graduated to wearing their big-kid pants and I have sent them off to be truly fantastically great all by themselves.

What does this mean for you? Well, this means I have a few openings in my coaching schedule.

Now I bet you want to know exactly why you should care.

What I do:

I specialize in looking at your whole business, including your personal needs and business goals. From there, we take it all apart and figure out where your gaps are, where your strengths are, and what’s holding you back from total, unadulterated GREATNESS.

I am a Greatness Coach.

…and who are you?

You are someone who thinks your business is going pretty well. You have a reasonably regular flow, or perhaps even a steady stream of eager clients. But, something’s missing, right? You want to be more. Be more noticed, have more clients, be more relevant, get more traffic. Whatever IT is, you want to be more of IT, have more of IT, do more of IT.

IT is Greatness, and I help you get there.

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