integrated biz designYou are:

Freedom-seeking, business-building, idea-having, mad-passionate creative powerhouse. You dream of making waves and revolutions, and you care deeply. But your ideas are bigger than your business acumen.

So you need:

Help. You know you have something, but right now, it all feels like a jumble of mismatched puzzle pieces. You need a guide; someone to show you the picture on the box and help you connect the corners and fill in the pieces in all the right places.

And you want:

>> Answers. Maps. Plans to take you through what should happen first, second, and beyond…
>> Help creating courses, ebooks, and signature services.
>> Visionary brand development that will give voice to your big ideas.
>> Sexypants design that reflects your biggest, brightest vision.

So we…

Do that.

All of that.

And more.

We call it Integrated Business Design. Your ideas, passions, creative concepts, life experience, and skills all go in one end of our digital creative agency. Then we stir it all up in the Makeness Media Badassery Business Machine. We write for you, we consult with you, we design for you, and we listen to you.

We help you nail down your business bliss until profitable clarity emerges and out pops a bouncing baby business – primed and prepped for you to have the freedom-filled life and livelihood you have always dreamed of.

The magic comes when we start right where YOU are and help you build the right business for you and only you.

No magic formulas.

No cookie-cutter systems.

No hard drive full of workbooks you’re never going to open.

We offer personalized boutique business education and brand services for solopreneurs and very small businesses [both those just getting started and those going through times of growth]. The kind that works. The kind that makes you real money and the kind that helps you make a real difference by fully transmitting your message out to the world.

home1I so loved working with Illana. She gave me clarity on my passion and essence and helped me shape it into a successful business.

She could read between the lines of my story and dreams, and mirror back what’s really important to me and to my clients in the services I offer.

Illana made me excited about all facets of running and promoting my business, even the back office work, as she makes it easy and fun. She was excellent at getting my essence across in the design, in the writing, and in creating the product mix and how my company is represented on the site. All the way down to the nitty gritty details.There is tremendous synergy between her areas of expertise: her artistry, her web design, her writing skills, and her small business strategizing.

I’ve had numerous people sign up for my services just because of the website.

Illana is not kidding in her tag line, “You’re spectacularly brilliant, let’s tell the whole wide world.”

She’s able to nail your uniqueness and give it form, color, the right words and looks.

I’ve had very nice compliments on my website, such as “the most beautiful site I’ve ever seen” and “totally you”. I’m almost sad that the project is finished. I miss her humor, encouragement, positivity, advice, and savvy business mind.

– Marion Van Namen, Community Choir Leader &

And we do it all under one roof.

If you are dead-sure that it’s time to stop wondering and start doing. Let us help.

Schedule a consult by contacting Yes. She reads every email and will respond personally within three business days.