The Last Goddamn Guide to Hiring a Web Designer You Will Ever Need

Hiring a web designer? Well, lovely! I’m delighted for you. It’s super exciting when you finally go big-time and let a pro take over. But do you know what you actually need to know, understand and DO so that they can make all your business dreams come true? I bet you have questions….


How do I get the most out of it?

And what do all those words mean that designers and developers use?

And what IS a developer, anyway?

And how much should it cost?

And how do I know if they’re good or not?

And what if I don’t like it?

And will they answer my marketing questions?

And why does it take SO long?

And why can’t I just have my brother’s friend do it?

And how long is it going to take?

And how do I find someone I LIKE?

And how do I make SURE that I get my money’s worth?


We hear you.

We know that hiring a designer is about as straightforward as attempting to tie a big pink bow around a herd of kittens in a field of catnip.

So we wrote a guide for you.

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And by ‘we’ I mean me, with the input of 20 or so of the best designers working today. All of whom specialize in working with small business owners and solopreneurs, just like you.

In this guide you’ll learn:

– The ins and outs of what questions you needs to ask.

– How to find a great designer that meets YOUR needs.

– How to be a client that your designer LOVES [which will make them be way more brilliant for you].

– Why cost is so confusing.

Everything you need to feel like a confident and informed business owner at every stage of the process.

But why do I need a guide to teach me all this? Isn’t that what I’m paying a designer for?

Nope. Actually it’s not. You’re paying a designer to design. It’s your responsibility to do your homework. You wouldn’t expect a car salesman to explain how your transmission works, or the rules of the road, right? Same thing here. Your website is arguably one of your biggest business assets. You need to know how it works, how long changes will take, how much it will all cost, and what you can expect from designers, or there is no possible way to plan responsibly for the future of your business.

I already have a website. Will I still get a lot out of this guide?

That depends. If you already understand words like hosting and CSS and plugins, and you can articulate the difference between a designer and a developer, then this is probably not for you. But if some of those words sounded like Greek. Clickey the wee buy button.

Included in the guide:

  • Separate sections [complete with bold type and easy-to-read pages] on what you need to do, understand, and prepare for before, during and after your website build – all designed to save you a gazillion dollars.
  • A complete explanation of the different components of a website, including how to do things right the first time, so you can easily expand later when you make a gazillion dollars.
  • A full glossary of commonly used terms relating to web design. All defined in plain English. No Geek Speak.
  • BONUS: I even created a typable planning workbook to help you get all your ducks in a row BEFORE you start looking for a designer. It’s based on the client intake forms of 7 designer friends of mine [so you will know ahead of time what most designers will ask of you once you’re in the door]. This will save you a ton of time and anxiety when you are ready to hire someone, and you will be starting off with your designer prepped and ready – which means they are freed up to do what they do best: Make you look like a rock star.
brandy morris“This is your business, not your prom dress.”

Having a beautiful and tantalizing website is something us solopreneurs dream of but it should probably also be easy to navigate and get your visitors to the places you want them to see most. Let’s face it, talking about the logistics of web design sounds like a snoozefest for us non-techies.

This guide is not only insightful but has the perfect amount of humor sprinkled in; I read the whole thing cover to cover without even thinking about changing tasks! It is obvious that this truly is the last goddamn guide to hiring a web designer that I will ever need.

It’s saved directly in my Web Design Trello board because I know I will be referring to this helpful piece of brilliance more than a few times. If you’re thinking about hiring a web designer for your biz, this is the guide you want!

– Brandy Morris,

So how much is it?

It’s $29.

But here’s the cool part. Every single penny goes to the Pay It Forward Make Shit Happen Fund. So by buying this guide, you are directly supporting both YOUR great work AND the great work of a stranger.

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Neat huh?

Now doesn’t that take the sting off of a $29 ebook that will save you a gazillion dollars and a boatload of time?

Click the button already!

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