The Mastermind Mentorship

This is not a mentorship, and it’s not a mastermind. So let’s just get that right out of your head. I am not a mentor. I am a teacher and a coach. This is a partnership between you, me, the Makeness team, and your big dreams. We are all in this together.

This is not a system. We start where YOU are. We use what YOU have. And we do what YOU can. I teach you to be your best businessperson. This is a very, VERY small group learning experience. We are only taking up to six people.

This is business school for the rest of us.

If you:

… want someone to tell you exactly what to do to make a gajillion dollars… I am 100% certain you will easily find someone to blow smoke up your ass for the low low price of $10-15k. I am not that person.

… think that you are special and can accomplish in one year what will take everyone else three years… then enjoy your time in Fairyland. I wish you all the luck in the world.

If, however, you:

… find yourself reading those endless posts about the 99-million things people wish they would have known/done/understood/prepared for, but didn’t –  well then, you might be in the right place.

…think business courses are for dumbasses who can’t google things, but you still aren’t making any money, this might be your tamale.

… want someone to teach you business without all the slimy marketing gunk, we will get along just fine.

So, what DO we do?

So glad you asked.

First, we’ll assess your skills and together, we’ll take inventory of what resources you REALLY have available to you.

Next, we work out where you are in business and in life, along with where you want to go. We avoid words like ‘goals’ and ‘financial projections’ and we focus on words like ‘creative strategy’ and ‘fulfilled stability’.

Then, based on our collaborative assessments, we’ll design a curriculum just for you and your intimate group – so everyone gets what they need.

And in we’ll dive.

All curricula are made up of four basic areas: Marketing, Story, Systems, and Strategy.

Every business needs all four areas to maintain balance and thrive.

But what will I actually learn?

You will learn what YOU need to learn. Revolutionary idea… I know, right?!? See, you know how most people walk away from business programs going, “Meh… it was ok. Mostly stuff I already knew, but a lot of good reminders…”

Yeah. I’ve heard a lot of that too. Which is why I take a different approach.

Think of what we do as a private business school that only teaches you EXACTLY what you, yes YOU, need to learn. Nothing more, nothing less.

By the time we’re through, that means you could:

  • overhaul all of your brand messaging and copy… or
  • plan and map the most highly-converting and effective website ever built by humans… or
  • learn what your clients really want and need… or
  • streamline all of your business systems… or
  • plan and execute a complete marketing plan… or…

Or all of the above… or more… or something different entirely. The special sauce that is Makeness is that we do business from top to bottom. We are an agency, not a single coach. We have the experience and resources to lead you through change in all aspects of your business.

You provide the vision, we’ll show you how to do it… and we’ll even dig in – hands-on – with our big brains and all of our cool resources and work with you to make it happen.

But how can you possibly know what I need to learn?

That would be where the years of experience and superpower-levels of evaluative skills come in. [It’s also part of why you are already DYING to throw money at us – we’re really very good at this.]

What’s the catch?

Now let’s be clear. Learning this way has a few downsides:

  1. It can’t be done in your spare time. It will challenge you like you have probably not been challenged in a long time. You will need to have room in your life for it.
  2. No busy work or form workbooks at all. You will learn what you NEED to learn, not what you WANT to learn. So you might hate it at times. We’re not here to placate. We’re here to teach.
  3. Intimate, highly engaged networking only. By participating, you will not get to be part of a huge network of untargeted people who do the exact same thing that you do. Oh wait…. Maybe that’s a good thing?
  4. No hard-drive décor. You will not leave with a hard drive full of ecourse sections that you can plan to [but not actually ever] read.

But it has a whole bunch of upsides:

  1. You will leave with a full set of custom tools made just for you and your business designed to:
    1. Help you make fast, laser-focused decisions for your brand and business.
    2. Stay on-brand at all times – we’re talking language, visuals, networking, everything – so you can be growing your business at all times.
    3. Help you feel confident and clear in your understanding of what marketing is and how to use it in your business.
    4. No more wondering if you are making the right calls. By the end, you’ll KNOW.
    5. You will learn both general business skills [including promotion, business systems, organizational help, etc…] and philosophy AND online business marketing and strategy. Because ALL OF THAT matters. And if you only care about one, you will suck at the others, and you will forever wonder why you fell on your face.

So, how does it work?

  • The Mastermind lasts for three months.
  • During that time, we will have bi-weekly group calls, and monthly one-on-one calls with either Illana or Miki.
  • Each call will be a blend of coaching, consulting, and learning, based on your group’s unique, individually-designed curriculum.
  • In between calls, you will complete assignments designed to move your business forward by leaps and bounds. Our bag of tricks is chock-full of ideas you have never thought of. Promise.
  • Along the way, we will adjust and re-adjust course based on how each change affects you and your businesses, so we always stay on track.

Ok. I’m in love with this whole idea. What’s the nitty-gritty again?

The Mastermind Mentorship lasts for three months and includes:

  • [6] Intensive 60 minute bi-weekly group lesson calls
  • [3] 1:1 Calls with you and Illana or Miki [one per month]
  • [12] Email Study Sessions [so you will have plenty of support from your coaches throughout the mastermind]
  • All necessary materials assigned as part of your curriculum


Payment plans and scholarships will be available. Fill out the form below and let us know if you are interested in these options.


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