Why your offers shouldn’t need any fine print

Why your offers shouldn’t need any fine print

What would you do if I created a product and at the top of the sales page it said: “I can teach you how to make a $10k product in two days”?

But then in teeny tiny print at the veeery bottom it also said that there were no guarantees. That the results aren’t typical. And that your actual results would vary.

Would you believe me?

Would you want to give me your money?

Would you think of me as ethical and steadfast?

But let’s table that for a second.

How would it make you feel if you knew that I was making $10k that weekend by selling you something that probably won’t make YOU $10k?

Do you respect me for my ability to sell lots of people just like you something that probably won’t work?

Do you feel respected for your intelligence and strength?

Because when I see things like this, I do not feel respected.

I do not feel smart.

I do not feel valued.

I feel manipulated.

I feel taken advantage of.

I feel like I’m being treated like an ATM.

Because we ALL want to make more money.

And we ALL see people selling on claims like this for one simple reason: They work.

I mean, not for you – the buyer, but they certainly work for the seller.

Because our brains are preconditioned to believe the big headline over the fine print.

Because we all want to believe that WE are the exception. That WE are the one who will take the magical two day course that will teach us the magical secrets to making the magical $10k on a magical product.

Because they tap our fear.

good offerWe are afraid of not being, having, or doing enough.

We are afraid that we are the only ones NOT making a ton of money.

We are afraid that without THIS COURSE we might miss out on the magical secret solution to all of our problems.

So we ignore the fine print – the doubt – the shame we feel at the fact that we even need a course like this in the first place.

And so we pay the money.

And we get the course. And the leader gives us a pile of work to do. Most of which we could have googled for free. The rest of which doesn’t feel right for us at all. And so we ignore it.

And the shame wraps around us like a blanket. Holding us in it’s warm and familiar embrace. We almost welcome it.

And then they tell you that you didn’t do the work, so of course you wouldn’t get the results.

And the blanket feels a little thicker. A little tighter. A little more suffocating. A little less comfortable. And we’ll do anything to get it to loosen it’s grip.

And then they sell you something more expensive. More exclusive. More one-on-one.

And you go into debt to say yes. Because they’re right. You didn’t do the work. And now you’re even MORE afraid of all those same things that you were before. Afraid of missing out. Of never making it. Of disappointing people. Of having to go back to a cubicle. Because you’re ashamed of yourself. And this person says they have the answer. So you say yes.

And then they teach you how to sell in the exact same way they they did. And the cycle continues.

More fear. More shame. Repeat.

Now you’re the one making money, and sprinkling fear and shame all over the place. After all, it shook YOU into action, right?!

And here’s the worst part: Everywhere you look people are doing the exact same things, so it’s very, VERY easy to trade in your integrity for that $10k — $20k — $100k. Because everyone else around you is congratulating you on your success.

Sales funnels, freebies, ridiculous promises, slick hype-y marketing with bright colors and great photography all screaming:


But you’re not nobody.

You’re beautiful and brilliant and perfect.

And yes, you have things to learn. We all do.

And yes, you’ll probably have to pay for some of that learning.

But when it comes time for YOU to do the selling, allow me to be the person who tells you that you don’t have to do it how they do it.

You CAN hold on to your integrity.

You CAN sell with kindness and honesty.

You CAN offer your beautiful gifts to the world without needing a disclaimer tacked on to your every word.

Will it take longer? Yup. No doubt.

Will it be harder? Absolutely.

Will you get attention for all the right reasons? Yes. Yes you will.

Will you get to sleep at night knowing that the people who gave you money think you are the bees knees? Yes. And it’s divine. Believe me. I know.

My favorite part?

When you HAVE rock solid ethics about what you do, who you offer it to, what it is and what it’s not, no one ever questions your honesty, your integrity, or your motives.

And you are never, ever making other people feel shame or fear about who they are or about their place in the world.

The world has plenty of people to do that to them.

Be the person who doesn’t.


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