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Before you give us a big pile of money, we want you to know exactly who you’re dealing with.

BW photoIllana Burk | Our Fearless Leader | CEO

What Illana says about Illana:

“I am the lead designer and coach here at MM and the usual pen behind The Makeness Blog.

I started Makeness in 2009 for one simple reason:

I have a mad-passion for helping people get their dreams off the ground. Watching other people do great things is the fire under my toosh that gets me up every morning.

It’s my belief that we are all made up of many different skills. I am not simply one thing and neither are our coaches or clients. I am a Designer. A Thinker. An Artist. A Helper. A Writer. A Teacher. A Lover. A Learner. An MBA. A Marketer. A Business-Brainiac. A Web-Nerd. A Greenie. A Foodie. A Friend. A Finder. A Seeker. A Searcher. A Grower. A Creator. A Maker. A Mover. A Shaker. A Partner. And a Giver.

But what I really am is –

A Leader.

And I want to lead you to the place where your life and your work can play together in perfect harmony.”

What the Makeness Team says about Illana:

“Illana is the best mama bird ever. She’ll take you under her wing and keep you safe and sheltered while you grow the confidence to dream your big dreams. She is really great at both the intuitive pieces of helping you name what it is you really want and the logistics of how to go about actually getting it.

Personally, her vision and encouragement helped me to see the real value in parts of myself that I couldn’t see so I took them for granted. Seeing these pieces of myself that I had previously discounted as actually being valuable assets was life-changing for me. I am now feel a grounded confidence in my unique gifts allowing me the peace and freedom to do my best work in the world.

Illana’s gift is, “Come here and be under my wing, I’ll take care of you while we gently blow on the flames of your little dream and then make it glow.” She’s the safety net. And the mama bird – nudging you to fly, and the mama bear – fiercely protecting you and your big dreams, all wrapped into one.She can be big for people who aren’t big yet. Her vibe very clearly says, “I love you. But don’t fuck with my young ‘uns.”

– Miki DeVivo

Makeness Chief Story Maker here at MM and Leader of TheLovelyNow.com

To reach Illana:

email. illana@makeness.com
twitter. @illanaburk
facebook. /makeness
instagram. /illanaburk
pinterest. /illanaburk


miki devivoMiki DeVivo | Chief Story Maker

What Miki says about Miki:

“I am a photographer, writer, and creativity coach for thoughtful and down-to-earth business owners who are inspired to love their chaos and live what matters.

If you’re working on making something meaningful but have gotten stuck and juuuust can’t quite find your way forward, I help you bring your ideas into focus. My favorite thing to do is climb into the chaos of All The Things, and help you craft a question that will help guide your way. If I do say so myself, I give really good feedback, acknowledging both the emotions in a situation, and exploring previously unseen possibilities.

As a former teacher and actor I am skilled at creating containers for your ideas so that they can come to life. I see how things are connected and can find the through line in seemingly disparate concepts.

My gift lies in bringing you into the present moment, helping you see what matters most to you, and linking that knowledge to how you express your true work in the world.

In my free time I play nerdy board games, read everything I can get my hands on, and knit soft things. I live in Phoenix with my hilarious husband, two wild and crazy kiddos, and an amazing mountain view. In addition to working here at MM, I also do all these fun things at my own online space, The Lovely Now.

What the Makeness Team says about Miki:

“Miki has an incredible knack for smoothing out the rough spots in your story and filling them with powerful and perfect expressions.

Miki and I have known each other for years, and over time, she became the person I depend on most to constructively edit my work and tell me when and how I was totally full of crap. Because she does that better than anyone I have ever seen. And she does it with so much love and compassion and selflessness that you forget she has an ego at all.

I begged her to be a part of MM because I know how much better she makes MY work and I want to share that with our clients.

Here at MM, Miki works as a collaborative copywriter – drawing your most compelling story out of the woodwork, and a story coach – helping you talk through the opportunities and barriers that are separating you from what you really want.”

– illana 

Fearless Leader here at MM

To reach Miki:

email. miki@makeness.com
twitter. @mikidevivo
facebook. /makeness
instagram. @mikidevivo
pinterest. /mikidevivo

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