Welcome to the rest of your life.

Start Something photo adYour first year of business is huge. And if you’re not prepared, it will run you over like a truck. But where to begin?

How do you know how to make the right moves NOW so these not-so-fun first-year-vibes don’t turn in to second and third year disappointments?

You learn fast. That’s how.

And this is the place to start. I designed this simple little workbook to be fast-to-complete and super-duper-useful.

Each lesson is pulled directly from the work I have done with literally hundreds of solo starters just like you.

But at the end of all the lessons, it’s the one that’s NOT in there that matters most:

Whatever you do, don’t forget to just begin. START SOMETHING. It’s the one and only way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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