The necessity of reinvention in an ever-changing, fast-moving world

The necessity of reinvention in an ever-changing, fast-moving world

This is the fourth iteration of Makeness since its founding in 2009. To some, that might sound like an awful lot of change. And they would be right. But here’s the thing about change, there are two kinds: responsive and preemptive.

Responsive change is change that results from external acts.

Preemptive change is a strategic move, designed to shift directions before you stray off track.

There are two sides to a magnetic website: Design and Content. Usually, one firm does the design, and one does content. Often, a third party handles consulting and business design.

We think that’s a bit ridiculous. Why pay three separate firms to evaluate you and your goals with three different sets of eyes, from three different perspectives, and then try to put all of those different ideas together to make a cohesive brand?

So, we brought all three under one roof.

We look at your business design like one project.

The result is a business that is cohesive, well-developed, and incredibly magnetic.

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