Throw in the towel and get a job? Hell no! 10 KILLER people tell you why not.

Throw in the towel and get a job? Hell no! 10 KILLER people tell you why not.

We Are OKA really good friend of mine (who happens to be super talented and on the edge of unadulterated greatness) was telling me last week about how she was contemplating getting a ‘real’ job.

I was totally blown away. This chick is not just good, she’s freakin’ amazing. If ANYONE has the mad skills to land herself firmly in the Rock Star category, it’s her.

So, after brow-beating her for an hour or so about why she was completely goddamn nuts for even uttering the ‘j’ word (my version of a pep-talk), it got me thinking.

I’m sure that MANY of us are on that very same edge.

The blogosphere is chock-full of people shouting at you about how they can teach you to have the monumental success that they have. At first, we believe, then after six months or so, we start to feel like maybe this whole business-of-our-dreams thing is going to be a little harder than those super-successful people made it sound.

Yeah, I had a feeling you could relate.

It’s this thought that has really inspired me to explore two questions:

Why do you stick with it? And, How can I help you not give up?

Today’s post is really special.

I asked the following question of some of the web’s most driven, successful, and up-and-coming thinkers:

Why do you stick with it and not throw in the towel and get a real job?

johnny b truantJohnny B. Truant

“I’m totally unemployable. I’ve never had a ‘real job,’ and employers would probably find it hard to manage someone who doesn’t understand how to sit in one place all day. The very idea seems absurd. So when you ask me why I never got a ‘real’ job, the answer is that it never occurred to me, in the way it’d never occur to me to sing to a fish if I couldn’t find the TV remote and wanted to change the channel.”

Johnny would like to share The Badass Project with you. I think that would be a pretty damn good idea, ‘cuz it’s pretty spiffy.


Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian

“Because the only way I can give value to this life is by working for myself. There’s no job in the world that gives me the freedom to create whatever I want, whenever I want. And no matter how hard the challenge will be, I will never never never return to the workforce and slave away – I’d rather die following my purpose !

Even thinking about someone breathing at my neck and telling my what to do makes me want to puke in my mouth !

My work or death, nothing in between !”

Mars has freakin’ unbound energy. His networking guide is one of my favorites on the subject. Check Mars out: The World Needs You!


Ashley AmbirgeAshley Ambirge

The Middle Finger Project

“I will not throw in the towel and get a real job because now that I’ve proven to myself that I can do it, there’s no going back.  It’s less about criticizing the 9-5 model, and more about consistently challenging myself to do work that’s meaningful, that energizes me, and that makes me feel proud of what I’m doing.  How could you turn your back on that?”

Ashley Ambirge is a leader in teaching new entrepreneurs around the world how to leverage the internet in order to market themselves effectively, do work that matters, and make some money, baby! Oh, and she wrote this KILLER little book called, ‘You Don’t Need a Job, You need Guts!’.


Abby KerrAbby Kerr

Abby Kerr Ink

“I will not throw in the towel and go get a ‘real’ job because I can scale my business any size I want to and that allows me to earn EXPONENTIALLY more on my own than I ever could working in a corporate environment.”



corbett barrCorbett Barr &

“There was always a little voice in the back of my head telling me, “you’ll never be happy until you give being an entrepreneur a real honest try, to see if you can do it and if you like it.” Once I jumped in with both feet, I found that trying to be an entrepreneur isn’t nearly as scary as it seems at first, and that I’d rather fall on my face a hundred times working for myself than sit in come comfy chair doing work I don’t care about for a giant faceless company.”

Corbett is a super cool dude and a great teacher. I took his Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course and found it to be unbelievably useful.


Jade CravenJade Craven

“I’ve been at breaking point this past month. If I didn’t start earning an income, I was going to pack it in and get a job. In between worrying about how long it would take to get projects released and earning some moolah, I went on the job boards.

I learned that, due to circumstance, I was ridiculously under-qualified for traditional employment. I would have to train and beg for jobs that would aggravate a mental illness and make my life a major suckfest.

I’m not going to have a normal job, or normal life, and that’s awesome. Self employment is the one way I can contribute to society and be happy. I now have the potential for an effing amazing life. I’m never giving that up :-)”

Jade is offering a KILLER deal to get a nifty little taste of her brand of relationship marketing. So, Want a quickie? Jade is offering $35 email consults. Get in now.


Catherine Caine

“I do not believe that there is a Day Job in the world that allows me to reach my full potential. There would always be some crappy politics or red tape or interpersonal friction that would stop me from being as TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME as I was meant to be. I’d rather scrub floors than go back to Comfy Deadville.”

Catherine has recently launched a fabulous new course called DIY Magnificence. If you would like to be more magnificent, I suggest you check it out. Catherine is pretty much the expert.


Matthew Kimberley

Matthew Kimberley

“OK, so here’s the thing: I will throw in the towel and get a real job, if it’s the choice between not feeding my family and stubbornly ploughing on ahead because I’m determined to “make it on my own.”

I will absolutely go back to serving beer, or selling timeshare holidays, or pumping gas (all of which I’ve done in the past) if it means that my son gets food to eat and shoes to wear.

There is no way I will put professional pride ahead of the welfare of my family. Not ever.

But pride is a strong motivator. And although there’s no shame in washing dishes or de-beaking chickens or entering data into a computer, I’m proud of the work I do today, and mean to stick at it.

When you’re working with the right people, and you’ve got your pricing right, and some structure to the day, and happy to put in the hours and the sweat to get results that you can call your own, there’s little chance of failure.

If your market exists, and you know who they are, and you’re not afraid to tell the world what you know, then you will succeed.

But you can’t always do it on your own.”

Matthew Kimberley is the author of How To Get A Grip and helps small business get more clients, so they don’t have to jack in their dreams and go back to the day job. Call him for a chat. He can help you. Seriously… and he’s really nice. Don’t let the British thing fool you;).

I thought that was a killer final word from the guests, as it really hits home with the one fact that we can all overlook sometimes: Occasionally, things just don’t go as planned. To me being an entrepreneur is as much about taking personal responsibility for our lives as it is about doing our own thing. Personal responsibility means we don’t let the people who depend on us suffer for our pride.

As for me? So glad you asked.

I will not throw in the towel and get a day job because:

1. Selling my time for less than I’m worth doing projects that added zero value to the world felt like a betrayal to the people that have supported and encouraged me all my life.

2. I am not a morning person.

3. My boyfriend is quite amazing. He got an extra job to support me while I got my business off the ground. How could I give up now?

4. I really like being in charge.

5. I have this thing inside me. It’s like an angry little biker chick cross-bred with a teeny tiny little toddler. She throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get what she wants and will beat the crap out of anyone who tells her what to do. I call her Sheila. Sheila would like me to do something amazing with my life. She’s allergic to cubicle wall fuzz and will kick my ass if I ever give in.

And finally…

Life is too short to spend it NOT doing something that makes me feel wonderful.

So, what stops YOU from throwing in the towel and getting a real job? Leave a comment… inspire more people!

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