brand strat session greenOne hardcore, brain-melting website planning/ strategy/ review session.


– 120 minutes [roughly] recorded session

– Track A: For you new kids who have yet to get a website done for your business.

– Track B: For you entrepreneurs who know that something isn’t working on your site, and you just aren’t sure what to do about it.

>>> Track A: If you are just getting started in your business:

We plan your website. Top-to-bottom, front-to-back. When you are ready to hire a web designer, you will know EXACTLY what you need. This is IDEAL for new entrepreneurs who have not yet build a website, and who know that they need to nail down their business and brand proposition first.

We’ll cover:

  • Design: What you want vs. what you need. We’ll cover all kinds of good stuff like: How to make sure you design for your audience, not for yourself. And, what to look for in a good designer. 
  • Site copy: What pages you need, the tone you need to strike, whether you should hire a copywriter, and the basics of writing for the web.
  • Framework: We’ll talk about what WordPress is and why you need to use it. We’ll also cover site structure and I’ll even help you understand some of the jargon that your designer is going to throw at you.
  • Social Media: What platforms are best for your unique business and why, and how to best mange your time and energy. I’ll help you both understand and prioritize so you do waste valuable start-up hours trying to figure out how hashtags work.

Afterward, you’ll:

…feel confident in knowing EXACTLY what to expect from the website-building process.

…have a clear understanding of how much a good website costs, and where your budget goes on a site-build and will have a clear idea of approximately what your site, for YOUR business will cost.

…have a full copy and design plan for a brand vibe that works for your unique business.

…receive a link to your Pinterest design board, where I will put together a collection of images and phrases that will help you stay visually focused as you build your site. Many clients have found it useful to pass this along to their web designer as well.

Is this you?



>>> TRACK B: If you are up-and-running, but stuck:

We do a top-to-bottom brand, website, and social media review.

Every nook, every cranny. We look over your blog posts, your brand, your voice, your comments, EVERYTHING. And all along the way, we will be making a plan for small and big changes alike.

This is IDEAL for business owners who know they need a new website, or who know that their site isn’t converting the way it should.




Once you purchase, you will receive a link for scheduling your session, and instructions for preparation within 24 hours.