Why no one is reading a word that you write. And what to do about it.

Why no one is reading a word that you write. And what to do about it.

Today’s post is from Makeness Chief Story Maker, Miki DeVivo.


So…. you’re a rockstar, badass, amazeballs, kick-ass guru ninja, and you just know that your business is full of game-changing awesomesauce, and will help people live their totally EPIC passion, have more confidence, and crush it with clarity.


…you want people to know all about your business so that they can get unstuck, passionate, purposeful, and awesome-ized. And then you want people to stick around so they can manifest their dreams! And then you want them to give you more of their attention so that they can be more juicy! And then some of their money so that you both can make six figures in six months!

But first, you need to find your authentic voice and speak your truth. You want people to know how amazeballs you are at what you do and why you are the one who will help them live life more fully. Just put up eleventy million red velvet ropes and people will line up to pay you what you’re worth.

To take your business to the next level, you need a compass not a map! No wait… you need a blueprint! Yeah. A blueprint will do it for sure.

If you want to be wealthy, sexy, happy as a pig-in-poo, and make sure that you’re not accidentally sabotaging said happiness, you need to buy our revolutionary program. But act fast. Before we sell out and it disappears forever. Before the price goes up arbitrarily in 48 hours. Before all the spots are gone and this e-book totally sells out and you are left lonely and abandoned by all your friends and loved ones because you didn’t jump on this exclusive offer that I didn’t also just make to my thousand-and-one true fans.

Do it. Do it NOW.


Barf. I need a shower. How about you?

This is why people hate marketing. This is why people hate being marketed to. Because all of this is just words words words. Because this kind of language doesn’t really say anything. It doesn’t really mean anything.

No one is reading a word - miki devivo

When I read about badass guru ninjas promising me All The Monies if I just make a vision board about my deepest hopes and dreams, I know I totally believe them. I know I’ll be sooooo supported by their individual attention, that all my unique snowflake-ness will be honored, and all my individual needs and goals will be met. They’ve clearly worked so hard to get to know me, that I’m sure they’re going to work so hard to help me.


I’m so goddamn tired of all this hype and hyperbole. Aren’t you? I’m exhausted by all of this blah blah blah rhetoric that sounds exactly the same as every other business mastermind/ course/ebook/coaching program out there.

I call bullshit.

When you talk to me like this, I don’t believe you. Period. End of sentence.

And I really do want to believe you. When I have a problem that I need solved, I want to believe the person I’m looking to for help can actually, you know, help me.

But the only way I’m willing to trust you is if you speak to me like a real person and use your own real-person language to tell me a story I can recognize, a story that shows that you really get what I really need.

If you truly want people to be able to LIVE THEIR EPIC PASSION, you need to know exactly what that passion looks like.

If you want to really be an amazeballs guru ninja, you need to know exactly what it looks like when you’re doing your very best work.

And if you want to sell your thousand-dollar, limited-edition ebook, make it useful, don’t pad it with fluff and filler, and give me a goddamn minute to make sure that it’s really something I will find helpful so that I don’t end up buying it and then resenting the hell out of you for making me feel pressured into spending money on something I really don’t need and that just ends up sitting on my hard drive making me hate you every time I look at it. And please, for the love of WordPress and Adobe, charge a fair price for it. And don’t pretend you’re going to run out of them.

To really create a business that delivers on its promise, first you have to know exactly what that promise is. And you have to talk about that promise in a way that is so absolutely, positively, crystal fucking clear and nuanced, that it could only come from you.

Smart business people read a lot of other business people’s stuff, especially when they’re just starting out. Looking at what others are saying is a great way to explore what doing business online looks like (both what works and what doesn’t), but if you’re not careful, you absorb Online Marketing Speak without even realizing it.

What’s so wrong with that?

Of course you want people to live the life of their dreams. Of course you want people to know what they’re worth.

And you want to do it in a quirky, original way that shows people just how full of genuine, honest-to-god awesomesauce you are.

There is a grain of truth in most of these business cliches. Many of them may even work.

But the problem is, when you use them, you don’t sound like you. You sound just like every single other person out there who sounds like every single other person out there. And when you sound like everybody else, then your client has no reason to choose you over everybody else. And that’s when they start looking at the numbers that come after the dollar sign, and choosing the smallest ones.

You’re trying so hard to be clever that you are no longer clear. We have no idea what your cheekily named business product actually is – let alone what it actually does.

It’s a copout, a lazy way of using someone else’s language instead of doing the hard work to figure out what makes you different, what makes you valuable, what makes people care, and then crafting your own language to reflect that.

When you sound just like everyone else, we can’t trust your over-the-top claims. We don’t believe that you can actually deliver. We don’t know if you have what we need because we can’t understand what the fuck you’re really talking about.

Isn’t it time to sound like YOU?

To say what you really mean? To think about what you do in a way no one else can? And to talk about it in a way that no one else is?

Because if you want to find the stability and success you crave in your business, you need to be so clear in your messaging, so specific with your language, and so deliberately focused with every single word on every single page, that the person casually browsing your site becomes so taken with the world of your business that it never even crosses their mind to click away and go searching for something else.

You need to know what your right person really wants in their secret heart of hearts, and how they really talk about it to their best friend in late-night honesty.

You need to do the heavy lifting and name what you do with laser-like clarity. You need to know through lines and big ideas and why your work matters.

And if you want to make a real living – however you define that – it’s going to take laser-specific language so people know exactly how you can help them.

It needs to be truthful.

It needs to be meaningful.

And this kind of clarity needs to come from the depths of who you, a place you may not even have explored or named yet. To find this, you might just need someone who understands all of this to help you gain this clarity. After all, you are so intimately familiar with every detail of your business that you can’t always see the big picture through lines. It’s easy to miss how all the pieces connect. Seeing the big meaning in all of the little things you do every day can get foggy and hard to grasp when it’s just you and your cat staring at it all day, every day.

You just might need someone who can help you get your story straight.

When you have your story straight, you know.


name what you are great at

clarify what you do for people

crystallize what matters most

and inspire people to care

With the right story your dreams become tangible. You know what to do with all that longing, all that yearning. All that wondering if this is the right thing. It just clicks.

And when you have the right story, your people know it too.

They feel it in their bones. Their heart flutters. Their stomach does a little flip in the best possible way.

Because the right story provides comfort, assurance, and possibility so that your right person can invest in your work with ease.

They know that only you can help them. They know how you can help them. And they know you’ve got what they need. They can stop searching and start doing. The right story lets them know that they belong with you. They feel seen, understood, hopeful, heard. Ready.

With the right story, your right people know that they’re in the right place.

So instead of offering up the same meaningless nonsense words we have all become blind to, or resorting to sketchy marketing triggers that we all loathe, do the work. Discover what YOUR story truly is. Figure out what sits firmly in your circle of excellence. And what doesn’t. Determine who you adore working with. And who you don’t. And then craft your language and your offerings in that angels-singing sweet spot where the two overlap.

Because what I can guarantee in all honesty, without any hype or hyperbole, is that you ARE a goddamn special snowflake of beautiful words and perfect offers.

Only you can do what you do in the way that you do it.

It’s time to find your own language. It’s time to tell THAT story. Be THAT business. Find YOUR value, and express it in the way that I know only you can.


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